The Big Killing

'I bet Peter Ashbury seventy-five thousand pounds to one pound that he will not succeed in killing my wife and getting away with it' - Charles Barcher For Peter Ashbury all that matters in life is the pursuit of pleasure and money and he will stop at nothing to get them. The death of Liz Barcher prompts a Police investigation but will the manipulative Ashbury succeed in getting away with murder? Cast: Mary Ashbury: Sue Orme Peter Ashbury: Simon Paget Nora: Marjorie Howarth Gavin Cole: Chris Davies Liz Barcher: Claire Wade Charles Barcher: Martin Illston Inspector Fowler: John Freeman Sergeant Bassett: Callum Rodgers

March 28, 2017 to April 1, 2017

By Phillip Mackie

Directed by Chris Davies and Marjorie Howarth