Post Horn Gallop

Post Horn Gallop is a rip-roaring farce set in the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Elrood. Nerve-shattered Chester is menaced by his old enemies, Capone and Wedgewood, whilst in the flower beds eccentric Lord Elrood lurks with his shotgun ready to repel attacks by the butcher's boy, the postman and other characters. Ada the maid is convinced that she has a romantic future with Chester - if only it wasn't for his charming and glamorous wife, and fifty boy scouts and their leader who have turned up for some camping on the lawn - much to Lady Elrood's consternation. In amongst all the confusion, activity and excitement wander Maggie and Bert, come for two-and-sixpence-worth of gawp and who are suitably awestruck by the goings-on of the country-house set.

July 19, 2016 to July 23, 2016

By Derek Benfield

Directed by Wendy Beric and Mike Asprey